Filipe Fontes


 Senior Copywriter, Nova/sb, Brasilia, Brazil


Always in search for creativity, Filipe Fontes has found in words his most invaluable means of connection with the universe which he is so fond of. He has been a copywriter for 13 years and has a degree from the Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília, in Brasilia, where he was born and has lived since he returned from living abroad in Australia and Portugal. Having been working in local agencies, as well as national and international ones.

Now in Nova/sb, one of the most creative agencies for the public services sector in Brazil, he has had works developed and executed for some powerful clients, such as CAIXA, the largest public bank of Latin America, the Brazilian.Ministry of Health, and BNDES, the Brazilian development bank. Filipe has been awarded top prizes- Cannes Lions, Clio, El Ojo, London International Awards, Ciclope Latino, Premio Losofonos, and Premio Colunistas, among others. Along with his more formal activities, he keeps a blog of stories which take place inside elevators. He's a DJ with "The Loreans", sharing the most contagious Body Movin' Music style in the best bars and funkiest events in Brasilia.

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